Seamlessly slipping between chamber pop and vintage cabaret Monika’s songs are influenced by music of Hollywood in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. From Porter to Puccini her rumba rhythms and burning ballads tell stories and capture hearts. Contagious melodies hold the ear captive while thoughtful lyrics ponder life’s current and timeless queries. Monika possesses a broad vocal range and uses the full extent of it. She consciously gives each song its own musical style allowing the text and mood of the piece to lead. Imagine Audrey Hepburn as music and you will understand its charm.


July 4, 2015
Blue Sky performing at Smiths

  Rich with textures of the organic world and adventurous storytelling, Blue Sky, the latest project from vocalist and songwriter » More

May 2, 2015
Monika Wall will be joining the WJO in 2016

Singer and composer Monika Wall will be joining the WJO and other Canadian composers in performing her own jazz songs. » More

April 27, 2015
Monika Wall debuts new songs and new sound at Jazz Festival

Monika’s been hiding away some musical gems for the past few years, gathering them up into a group of songs » More


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Monika Wall Tour Dates

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